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Internet Exchange
Internet Exchange is a traffic exchange platform for participants of the MSK-IX network using the shortest routes and for establishing direct sessions.
What is it?

Internet Exchange makes it possible for users to access several networks directly, which helps optimize data transfer, i.e., increase speed, improve performance, and achieve minimal latency.

Who is it for?
  • Content providers, telecom operators, large and medium businesses
  • Online cinema OTT services video hosting
  • Media companies, online games, E-commerce

All of these business segments are data rate sensitive. Internet Exchange reduces latency by communicating directly with all users and it directs traffic along the shortest path.

What is required to connect?

To use the advantages of Internet Exchange, you must connect to the MSK-IX network, which has over 800 participants. When connecting, you must have your own Autonomous System Number (ASN).

How does it work?

When connected to the MSK-IX network, the company becomes a participant in traffic exchange. Internetwork interaction (peering) between participants is established via direct two-way sessions. Participants can share their content and receive content from others via the shortest route.

BGP is used to exchange network routes between participants. Participants establish a peer-to-peer BGP session and/or use Route Server, which fast-tracks the administration of peering interaction.

Once connected to the MSK-IX network, you can organize direct and secure access through a single port to cloud platforms, DDoS protection services, and hundreds of TV channels.

A trendsetter among world traffic exchange points
The largest number of unique participants among Russian IXs
Premium connectivity with minimal latency
Layered architecture based on duplicated cores
Vast geographic presence: 42 connection sites in 10 Russian cities
Access to the largest package of TV signals in Russia

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