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September 15, 2017

Anycast technology presented at APTLD72

Pavel Khramtsov presents the DNS protection system at APTLD conference in Tbilisi.
Anycast technology presented at APTLD72
Anycast technology presented at APTLD72

On September 14-15, the APTLD72 conference was held in Tbilisi to unite registrars of the Asia-Pacific region and discuss important issues in the domain industry.

Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) is an organisation of top level ccTLD domain registrars in the Asia-Pacific Region. APTLD was initially set up as a non-profit entity in 1998 and then incorporated in Malaysia in 2003.

APTLD is a platform for information exchange on the technology and operational issues of domain registrars in Asia-Pacific. APTLD also helps develop the domain community and increase AP ccTLD’s participation in these global forums as an interface with other international internet coordinating agencies. The association also protects the interests of APTLD members in the global development of internet policies.

This year’s conference highlighted ways of protecting the DNS infrastructure. The participants also discussed the fundamentals of DNS, DNSSEC, and formulated the key ideas for dealing with malfunctions and the potential problems facing DNS specialists.

The conference brought together experts from different countries, including Pavel Khramtsov, director of the DNS MSK-IX projects. He presented the Anycast technology using IP addresses and the routing methods to send data to the nearest node within a group of users with the same IP address.

“The Anycast technology reduces response time for the end user, provides protection against certain types of attacks on the DNS-infrastructure, and distributes the load among geographically and toponymically scattered DNS-ports. But this technology can create serious problems, for instance, in zone files synchronization, in using DNSSEC, in inaccurate routing settings, etc,” said Pavel Khramtsov. “Anycast DNS-network can be smoothly and safely operated by well trained staff and through efficient cooperation with partners who provide a connection between DNS and the internet.”

The participants discussed the new technology, asked Khramtsov questions and exchanged opinions on the subject.

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