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October 2, 2017

MSK-IX gets ICANN Data Escrow accreditation

ICANN Corporation has granted the joint stock company, Center of Network Cooperation MSK-IX, Data Escrow accreditation (Registrar Data Escrow Third Party Provider).
MSK-IX gets ICANN Data Escrow accreditation
MSK-IX gets ICANN Data Escrow accreditation

MSK-IX is the only Russian company to have acquired such accreditation. Now all Russian registrars for the top-level New gTLD domain can avoid a trans-border personal data transfer.

Data Escrow is used for reserve storage of domain registry data by third parties in order to protect the domain owners’ interests in case of registrar problems. ICANN created its requirements for Data Escrow providers in 2013 as part of the New gTLD program when new top-level domains were delegated, such as ДЕТИ, TATAR, МОСКВА, and XYZ. So, MSK-IX’s new Data Escrow accreditation will make it possible to store New gTLD domain registries with an owners’ personal data in the digital depository on Russian territory.

“Data management is one of the most important trends in the internet industry,” said Yelena Voronina, MSK-IX’s director general. “Data Escrow will be a good addition to MSK-IX’s global distributed network of DNS servers. We continue to expand the services tailored for the demands of professional players on the telecommunication market.”

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