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February 22, 2017

The allure and danger of the Internet of Things

The fifth issue of the Internet Inside journal focuses on the IoT

The newly released fifth issue of the Internet Inside journal is dedicated to one of the most popular issues of today, the Internet of Things (IoT).

Editor-in-Chief Andrei Robachevsky writes in his preface that today we are witnessing a new stage in the evolution of the internet. It has become possible to connect practically any physical object, from the smallest sensor to huge mechanisms, to the internet. The growing number of connected things has resulted in qualitative changes. We are speaking both about new opportunities the IoT offers to everyone, as well as new and very serious risks.

The latest issue includes articles focusing on various aspects of the IoT: architectural solutions, certain technological elements of the IoT, security issues and the prospects for the IoT`s development in Russia.

An article by William Stallings, "The Internet of Things: Network and Security Architecture", features a detailed review of the IoT and the network and security architecture that will help to develop, implement and deploy the IoT. It contains interesting infographics on the subject, which give examples of how the IoT is becoming a big part of our lives. Other authors discuss IoT protocols and standards, the efforts of the IETF to standardize the IoT. Head of the IoT Association Andrei Kolesnikov writes about the development of the IoT in Russia and what is to be expected in the nearest future.

Several articles focus on security, a pressing issue nowadays. Andrei Robachevsky believes that the solution is complicated by the absence of a clear definition of the problem, partly due to the fact that IoT connects virtual reality to physical reality, bringing cyber problems into the real life.

The issue also features traditional sections, Multi-Stakeholder Stories, and Travel Notes, as well as the calendar of interesting events in the Russian internet for 2017.

The Internet Inside journal is published with the support of MSK-IX on the website The project aims to introduce readers to the technologies, protocols and architecture of the global network, and help them understand not only technical but also social and economic facets of the internet.

The Internet Inside is a developing new project, and its authors and publishers are happy to receive feedback. Please send your ideas and proposals to

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