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October 29, 2018

MSK-IX and DE-CIX launch partnership on two markets

On October 29, 2018, the MSK-IX internet exchange point signed a cooperation agreement with its German counterpart, DE-CIX.
MSK-IX and DE-CIX launch partnership on two markets
MSK-IX and DE-CIX launch partnership on two markets

This cooperation will improve the network connectivity and help meet the growing demands of internet companies. In the past few years, MSK-IX has shown steady growth in traffic exchange between Russia and European countries.

The agreement will allow MSK-IX clients in Moscow to use DE-CIX services, while DE-CIX clients in Frankfurt will have access to MSK-IX services. Each partner is a reseller for the other and can provide a port for remote connection. Reserved communications channels have been organized between the two partner cities to that end.

“Due to the partnership with DE-CIX, the geography of MSK-IX services has expanded and now reached another strategic point in Frankfurt that plays a big role in distributing global data flows,” said MSK-IX Commercial Director Yevgeny Morozov. “It is important for the clients who use MSK-IX to expand the coverage of their networks.”

“We are glad to introduce our business to the constantly growing Russian market and to build unique relations between our network and MSK-IX in Moscow,” said Ivo Ivanov, Chief Strategic & Corporate Development Officer at DE-CIX International. “Thanks to this partnership, we create a synergy between the two companies and present our products in two markets. There is no need for additional contracts because business relations can be established with both DE-CIX and MSK-IX. So clients in Frankfurt and Moscow receive one-stop-shop access to all our services, including such products as GlobePEER, DirectCLOUD and MetroVLAN.”

DE-CIX (Germany) offers premium services in establishing connections between networks and manages several neutral internet exchange points (IX or InterneteXchange) in Europe, the Middle East, North America and India, regardless of providers and data centers. DE-CIX is the largest platform for traffic exchange with a maximum capacity of 6 Tbit per second.

MSK-IX speeds up communication between internet companies by providing the neutral InterneteXchange platform for IP traffic exchange between networks and a global distribution network of DNS servers to support root domain zones. Over 500 companies in 10 cities use MSK-IX services to expand their online presence. Among the MSK-IX clients are mobile services operators, social networks, search engines, video portals, cloud services providers, corporate, and research and educational networks.

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