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October 30, 2012

MSK-IX Equipment Upgrade Completion At М9 Service Area

The MSK-IX specialists have completed the equipment upgrade at the М9 site - Moscow long distance exchange No. 9 situated in ul. Butlerov, 7, Moscow.

In the course of a planned upgrade several access switches have been replaced with a new more powerful switch having capacity of up to 1.7 Tb/sec to enable physical connections up to 10 Gb/sec on the 7th floor of the service area.

Along with higher capacity, the installed equipment enables clustering of several physical connection ports in a single logical interface (EtherChannel) and provides for monitoring of participants' traffic to block spreading of malicious traffic generated from faulty network configuration by a customer.

"10G connections at the 7th floor MLDE М9 will enable the MSK-IX participants increase the number of high performance lines, offering brand new backing-up opportunities. Now the MSK-IX participants can back up either connections or entire nets using separate power back-up systems located at the 7th floor", Alexander Ilin, MSK-IX Engineering Director, comments upon completion of the works.

MSK-IX offers a neutral distributed infrastructure for equipment collocation, arranging virtual connections between networks and traffic exchange either via Route Server (public route service) or based on direct agreements between the participants.

More than 370 MSK-IX participants are national and regional operators, hosting and service companies, content providers, corporate, scientific and educational networks.

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