MSK-IX / News / A series of seminars devoted to the 20th anniversary of MSK-IX concluded with a meeting in Novosibirsk
October 14, 2015

A series of seminars devoted to the 20th anniversary of MSK-IX concluded with a meeting in Novosibirsk

The series of seminars held in 2015 in various Russian cities to mark the 20th anniversary of MSK-IX has concluded in Novosibirsk. The October 14 meeting with MSK-IX leaders and experts was attended by Novosibirsk clients and partners as well as by market participants from Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and other Siberian cities.

MSK-IX Technical Director Alexander Ilyin and manager for Regional Development Konstantin Stepanov presented a new MSK-IX partnership program. They spoke about plans to expand and deepen cooperation with peering partners in the region and made a brief overview of MSK-IX products and services offered to customers and partners. Particular interest was shown in the partnership program, msk-ix and media-ix, at regional points of traffic exchange. The seminar also focused on the possibility of opening new hubs in other cities.

The seminar was attended by MSK-IX Operation Service head Andrei Zachinyayev, who answered questions from participants about technical aspects of interaction.

MSK-IX partners were also invited to speak at the seminar. Extreme Networks representatives Kirill Zhukov and Alexei Grigoryev spoke about the use of the Python programming language in Extreme switches, and Timur Kadarakov, representing Sinar MSK-IX, spoke about the development of CentreInform technical platforms in Novosibirsk.

The meeting took place in a lively atmosphere. The participants took part in a quiz devoted to the development and technical aspects of MSK-IX, demonstrating great knowledge of the company’s activities, and the winners received prizes from the organizers: Andrei Robachevsky’s book, The Internet from the Inside.

"During all of 2015, we held such regional meetings and visited six Russian cities, where traffic exchange points are located," Mr. Ilyin said. "We did not have time to personally meet with partners and customers from Stavropol and Vladivostok, but we will make up for this in the future. These meetings should become a tradition for MSK-IX and should be used as a tool. Our next meeting will take place on December 10 in Moscow, at the 11th Peering Forum, where we would like to invite our friends from all regions of Russia and other countries. Welcome to the Forum!"

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