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April 20, 2015

MSK-IX opens new traffic exchange point on TrastInfo data center platform

April 20, 2015, Moscow. MSK-IX, Russia's largest and one of the world's top five Internet exchanges has opened a new Internet exchange point on the technical platform of the TrastInfo data center. TrastInfo is managed by the Servionica company, which belongs to the I-Teco Group. The MSK-IX network covers over 600 telecom operators, content providers and cloud-based services, public organizations, and academic institutions.

The new exchange point will help improve the accessibility and reliability of Internet services, optimize traffic routes, reduce delays in the transmission of network packages, and reduce the load on expensive international communication channels. Customers of TrastInfo and MSK-IX will enjoy the added benefit of faster and more efficient data transfer in the communications service provider networks, connected to the data center.

"The partnership with TrastInfo, one of the leaders in the commercial data center market in Russia, will increase the Internet traffic exchange and create additional opportunities for infrastructure backup, a key factor in terms of connecting new companies interested in stable, secure, and super-fast Internet data exchange," Elena Voronina, CEO at MSK-IX, said.

"Internet traffic in Russia is growing not only in mass communications, but also in the business segment. The increasing popularity of cloud services is an important factor of this growth. Joint projects between MSK-IX and TrastInfo, the two leaders in data exchange, help provide customers with the opportunity to safely and quickly handle any amount of information based on a highly scalable and fail-safe IT infrastructure and take advantage of the IaaS and SaaS solutions," Yevgeny Shchepilov, Managing Director of Servionica, said.

MSK-IX is the first Russian traffic exchange point and is located in TrastInfo. Previously, the companies collaborated on placing part of the MSK-IX infrastructure in rented data centers. The key factors in favor of TrastInfo were the center's high reliability, corresponding to Tier III (accessibility index — 99.982%), the leading position in the Russian data center market, and the company's highly qualified staff.

According to Yandex, 60 million people use Internet on a daily basis in Russia as of April 2015. As estimated by SimilarWeb (January 2015), Russia ranks third in the world by volume of Internet traffic, following the US and the UK, which account for 25% and 5.5% of the global Internet traffic, respectively. Russia accounts for 5% of the global traffic, which is the highest rate among non-English speaking countries, higher than in France (3.9%), Germany (3.4%), Canada (3.2%), Japan (2.6%), India (3.4%), and Brazil (4.4%).

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