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April 16, 2015

MSK-IX seminar in Rostov-on-Don on the company's 20th anniversary turns into a lively roundtable discussion

On April 16, MSK-IX held a seminar in Rostov-on-Don dedicated to its 20th anniversary. This was the second in a series of seminars hosted by the company in 2015. The seminar was attended by MSK-IX clients and partners and market participants in Rostov-on-Don and nearby cities.

In his opening remarks, MSK-IX Sales Director Yevgeny Morozov offered the participants to engage in an open dialogue. The company's Regional Development Manager Konstantin Stepanov spoke about the history of communications development in the Rostov region, and Chief Technology Officer Alexander Ilin delivered a technical presentation on the structure of the platform's traffic exchange points and technological innovations.

Speeches by MSK-IX representatives were followed by a lively discussion with participants, as the event took on a roundtable format.

Participants were particularly interested in issues relating to the organization of a high-quality and stable local traffic exchange. Other issues discussed included prospective ways of solving problems related to peering partners, the development of exchange points in Russia and abroad, and the creation of new services with the involvement of MSK-IX.

After a short coffee break, the discussion was joined by representatives of RIPE NCC and focused on the network transition to IPv6 technology.

"We were pleased to see a very active discussion in Rostov-on-Don on the introduction of IPv6. It was extremely important that the idea of the speedy deployment of IPv6 was supported by one of the operators. This is a great news and a real business case study that not only demonstrates that a small company can implement IPv6 and sustain it financially, but also the fact that it has resulted in the significant improvement of service quality and access speed," Maxim Sokolov, a RIPE NCC representative, said.

"We are very pleased that, both in Rostov and Samara, where our previous seminar was held, we were able to attract people who were very interested in the subject and with whom we enjoyed discussing these issues. Based on these meetings, we can adjust our development strategy in the region, create and offer new services to our customers and partners, and quickly address various issues relating to our cooperation," MSK-IX Technical Director Alexander Ilin said.

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