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March 27, 2015

Yevgeny Morozov: «Our business is all about partnering with a variety of services»

Moscow is hosting the 6th International Conference, "Transport Networks Russia 2015 - Transport telecommunications development in Russia and the CIS". This conference is a key venue for regulators and top officials of the operator industry and an excellent opportunity for the companies that drive technological progress and the leading visionaries of the ICT industry to meet. The conference is attended by about 300 delegates from Russia and other countries.

The conference is traditionally attended by MSK-IX employees. MSK-IX sales director Yevgeny Morozov provided a detailed account of MSK-IX’s partnership with related services at a panel on Internet traffic exchange points: "Throughout MSK-IX’s history, this partnership has been mutually beneficial. Our company has always strived to make it convenient and interesting for our partners. The thing is that such a partnership is the basis for expanding the business of any Internet exchange point, and MSK-IX is no exception. The future lies with this approach." He also elaborated on current trends in Internet infrastructure and on what makes MSK-IX a major Internet exchange point in Russia and internationally.

Yevgeny Morozov also spoke highly about the role of TransNet 2015 in bringing leading Russian and international backbone providers together to discuss the industry's most pressing issues. "It's good that we have the opportunity to participate in this industry-wide event. This is a great place to share experiences with Internet exchange points in other countries and to build new partnerships," he said.

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