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December 21, 2015

MSK-IX presents new distributed peering platform at Internet Economy 2015 Forum

On December 21, the first Russian Internet Economy Forum opened in Moscow, where leading representatives of the industry and the government will discuss the Internet's role as a driver of Russia's economic development and work out proposals on a long-term program for the development of the Russian sector of the Internet and related industries. The Moscow Internet Exchange, MSK-IX, is taking part in the forum and the Internet + industrial exhibition, organized as part of the forum.

In his opening remarks at the forum, Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov said that the Russian Internet today can be a powerful point of growth for the entire economy. "Today, this industry and the government hear each other well. At the forum, we will analyze in detail all the industry-generated proposals at roundtables, and by the end of the forum we expect to produce a document containing an action plan for the further development of the Internet in Russia," Mr Nikiforov said. The minister noted the increased attention the government now pays to the development of the Internet infrastructure and construction of fiber-optic communication lines across the country.

MSK-IX is one of the pillar companies that shape the Russian Internet infrastructure. At the interactive display stand, Internet + Society, the company demonstrates a distributed network for the quick building of links and organizing inter-operator traffic exchange between autonomous systems. A video that describes the company's work also shows the distributed network of DNS-nodes installed in all of Russia's federal districts as well as in Europe, Asia and America. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the company's most recent developments and pose questions to experts. The Internet + Society display enjoys great popularity with forum participants.

The forum will last two days, with the first-day roundtable sessions covering all the important aspects of the development of the Internet in Russia and specific proposals for further work in this area. The results of the event and the action plan will be announced on December 22 at the forum's central panel discussion.

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