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May 19, 2015

Alexander Ilyin: Regional meetings help us keep a finger on the pulse

The latest in a series of regional seminars to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Moscow Internet Exchange took place in Yekaterinburg on May 19. Clients and partners of MSK-IX gathered with company representatives, as did guests from other companies in the Urals region.

MSK-IX CTO Alexander Ilyin delivered welcoming remarks at the seminar in which he proposed an open dialogue format for the event. He also talked about plans for the development of Yekaterinburg's EKT-IX traffic exchange point in the coming years, primarily focusing on the technical aspects of its development.

MSK-IX Project Manager Sergei Kiselyov and Regional Development Manager Konstantin Stepanov spoke about the evolution of communications in Yekaterinburg, and gave a brief overview of new products and services offered by MSK-IX.

The atmosphere at the meeting was lively, with discussions touching on interactions with peering partners, the possibilities of correctly using EKT-IX, and the company's future projects. The MSK-IX project to store media content on regional traffic exchange points generated perhaps the most interest.

Extreme Networks representatives Maxim Igumenov and Alexei Grigoryev took over to discuss the latest in modern network switches, and reviewed modern protocols that can make life easier for administrators and network managers.

"We have held three regional seminars now, and we've always been met by engaged audiences that not only ask questions, but give us suggestions. I think that these meetings should be a regular thing for MSK-IX, a tool in our work, not only on the company's anniversaries. This would help us keep our fingers on the pulse and better understand what services are in demand in a particular region of Russia," Ilyin said.

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