MSK-IX / News / MSK-IX expands its IPv4 address space
September 14, 2015

MSK-IX expands its IPv4 address space

The MSK-IX technical service has announced a renumbering of peering network, which consists of two subnets, and, and the transfer to one IP-subnet in a new renumbering plan, The changes will double the capacity of the IPv4 common address space.

“In fact, taking into account that we are migrating to a single network, the address space will increase 300 percent. This should be enough for the next 10 years,” MSK-IX CTO Alexander Ilyin said. “Our company is growing and developing actively; the number of participants and connections to MSK-IX has grown significantly as of late. All this requires a similar expansion of the address space.”

The renumbering will take place in several stages. During the first stage, on October 12 – November 12, 2015, MSK-IX participants will add an IP address from the new peering network MSK-IX to their equipment configuration. After this, they will need to set up BGP peering with both route servers and organize, if necessary, direct BGP sessions with other MSK-IX participants in a new address space.

During the second stage, which will start right after the first one, the participants will delete from their configuration the settings for the old peering segment, namely the IP addresses and BGP sessions of the networks and

The renumbering will also concern IPv6 peering addresses.

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