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March 24, 2015

MSK-IX holds first seminar in Samara to celebrate 20th anniversary

On March 24, МSК-IX held the first seminar to celebrate its 20th anniversary. It was held at Samara's Holiday Inn, and brought together customers and partners from around the region.

MSK-IX is holding a series of seminars across the country to celebrate its 20th anniversary during which top managers meet representatives of the telecommunications industry to discuss topical issues related to peering, data transfer and infrastructure construction. Customers and partners are invited to the seminars along with representatives of other organizations involved in developing communications in Russia. During the seminars, MSK-IX experts provide insight into new services and updates on development plans and receive feedback on their work. The seminars are attended by RIPE NCC representatives.

MSK-IX Sales Director Yevgeny Morozov and Manager for Regional Development Konstantin Stepanov opened the seminar. Morozov started by saying that the offsite seminars were off to a good start, and went on to deliver a presentation on MSK-IX history and services.

MSK-IX CTO Alexander Ilin presented the new products offered by the company and thanked the audience for their interest.

"MSK-IX is celebrating an anniversary in 2015, which prompted us to engage in conversations with our partners across Russia. Samara is the first city to experience this initiative. Events of this kind will be held throughout the year in many cities where our exchange points are located. Every time, all of our friends from the region will be invited," MSK-IX CTO Alexander Ilin said at the end of the seminar.

The seminar also featured a presentation by RIPE NCC representatives Maxim Burtikov and Anton Baskov, who talked on IPv6 implementation, the RIPE Atlas project, global coordination of the Internet, and the ENOG conference, which is to be held in Kazan on June 9-10, 2015. Those present welcomed the initiative to hold regional seminars and thanked the organizers.

"Direct contact with prospective and current partners is hugely important. Today's event provided us with an opportunity to learn first-hand of the issues that market players are facing and understand how we can help. Our Samara community is not big, which made bringing people together and talking to each other even better," RIPE NCC External Relations Officer (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) Maxim Burtikov said.

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