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September 10, 2015

Pavel Khramtsov: New domains stimulate new services

The 8th TLDCON 2015 international conference is taking place in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The conference has become a venue not only for top-level domain registrars but also for companies that ensure the stability and reliability of the Internet, design and operate network infrastructure and provide services to registrars and registries. This year, company representatives met at the New Back-End Provider Businesses section to discuss the operation of major infrastructure companies under new circumstances and the challenges they have to meet promptly and efficiently.

DNS Projects Director Pavel Khramtsov reported on the way that MSK-IX, a major European traffic exchange point, has responded to recent changes on the domain market. He demonstrated new, modern services that the company is ready to provide to clients – DNS hosting and open DNS resolver.

The demand for DNS hosting services is related, above all, to the appearance of new top-level domains and the spreading of support for own domain zones by numerous companies; this applies not only to top-level domains but also to second , third- and other level domains. Such clients do not need full support. For example, they can maintain their own register but they need register entries to be consistent and conflict-free; they also need assistance in distributing the zone file among DNS servers and access to reliable information from the DNS system.

MSK-IX has a diversified, well-protected infrastructure and DNS nodes located all over Russia, as well as in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company can guarantee the high efficiency of servers and network equipment as part of DNS nodes, the complete security of the client DNS zone and a prompt reaction to emerging threats. MSK-IX has everything that is needed in this regard. The DNS hosting service also fully meets SLA standards for new top-level domains.

"DNS hosting is an illustration of the influence that the development of the domain space has on the range of services that a major infrastructure company can provide. The appearance of new domains has stimulated the development of new high-tech services and provided an impetus for MSK-IX’s development in yet another area," Khramtsov said.

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