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October 27, 2020

Peering Forum MSK-IX 2020 to take place online

MSK-IX marks its 25th anniversary this year. Much has changed during our history, except for our goal to make Runet reliable and fast. Over the past 15 years, we have celebrated the company’s anniversary by holding the Peering Forum, an annual conference for the network community. This year’s plans have been altered by the coronavirus, but we have found a way to still meet with our friends, clients and partners.
Peering Forum MSK-IX 2020 to take place online
Peering Forum MSK-IX 2020 to take place online

The Peering Forum MSK-IX will take place as a series of online meetings with leading international IT experts, managers and researchers. Each event will be an opportunity to learn about the knowledge and experience of our guests, ask questions and take part in the discussion together with other participants.

Among the invited guests are: Marco Hogewoning, Manager Public Policy and Internet Governance, RIPE NCC; Mikhail Kader, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Russia and CIS, Cisco Systems; Mike Geller, Distinguished Cyber Security Architect, Radware; Andrei Ivanov, Head of Security Services, Yandex.Cloud; Eric Vyncke, Internet Area Director at IETF and Distinguished Engineer, Cisco; Andrei Robachevsky, Senior Director, Technology Programs, Internet Society; as well as MSK-IX senior executives.

We know the value of time when working remotely, so each meeting will only last an hour within your weekly schedule. The event will take place each Thursday starting November 5, and will conclude on December 3 with a meeting with the MSK-IX team, a toast and a speech about what’s new at our platforms and services. Registration is open at

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