MSK-IX / News / Internet traffic peak hit on March 30
March 31, 2020

Internet traffic peak hit on March 30

MSK-IX recorded the record maximum of 4Tbit/sec of traffic at Internet eXchange at 19:35, Moscow time. The networks still have reserves for the increasing burden.
Internet traffic peak hit on March 30
Internet traffic peak hit on March 30

According to MSK-IX CTO Alexander Ilyin,

“as a result of the coronavirus-countering measures, most users stayed home, which resulted in more traffic growth for home and mobile internet providers. The use of videoconferencing for work and teaching has significantly intensified, as well as the views of online cinemas, video hostings and other media websites. Not just the peak indicators but also the average burden during the day has increased. Our equipment operates as normal.”

In order to support internet companies and their users during the crisis, MSK-IX offers one 10G, 40G or 100G port on any peer-to-peer VLAN in the form of a free trial for a period of 3 months from the moment of joining. This will help make the process of self-isolation more comfortable with free access to television channels, online cinemas, and education and music resources.

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