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March 29, 2010

MSK-IX Remote Access: Partnership Program for Transit ISPs

MSK-IX Moscow Internet Exchange is happy to invite transit ISPs offering Ethernet circuits of Virtual Private Networks to join the MSK-IX Remote Access partnership program.

The program's focus is to extend MSK-IX reach by connecting remote participants via partner operators. Participation of operators in the partner program ensures compliance with MSK-IX requirements and enables 24x7 technical support.

The first partner operator offering access to MSK-IX has been Rascom, signing a contract to provide a 10Gbps channel to connect North West Telecom (Saint Petersburg, Russia) to MSK-IX.

«Moscow Internet Exchange is the place where ISPs from many countries and cities meet. Connecting via partner operators, remote participants get a full-scale access to the MSK-IX infrastructure and peering services», said Elena Voronina, MSK-IX Director.

«The MSK-IX Partner Program complements Rascom's offering of channel capacity laid between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. By coordinating with MSK-IX the processes of customer connection and technical support, we will ensure a superior quality of service for our customers», said Vitaly Kireev, General Director of Rascom.

«North-West Telecom pursues a proactive policy focused at enhancing availability of the global Internet to meet customer expectations. Connection to MSK-IX and SPB-IX opens the possibility for direct peering with a number of leading ISPs and content providers working in the Russian Internet segment», said Alexey Nikitin, Head of the Technical Development Department at North-West Telecom.

Moscow Internet Exchange MSK-IX

MSK-IX provides ISPs and other Internet-related businesses with a neutral infrastructure for traffic exchange based on bilateral agreements. MSK-IX has involved over 300 participants including national and regional Internet operators, hosting companies, content providers, and a variety of corporate, research and educational networks.

MSK-IX operates a high-speed backbone with 10 access points at at major Moscow data centers.


Sergey Fedotov
Development Project Manager

phone: +7-495-737-9295 (+764)


Rascom is a leading provider of international capacity for service providers. Rascom owns telecommunications lines and/or facilities on the route Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - Russia-Finnish Boarder, Helsinki, Stockholm and Frankfurt. The company offers communication and Internet channels, and a variety of integrated solutions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tver, Novgorod and other cities located in the Central and North-West regions of Russia.


Inna Aleynikova
Service Promotion Manager

phone: +7-812-303-9170

North-West Telecom

North-West Telecom (NWT) is the largest fixed line operator in the North-West of Russia. NWT includes 10 branches located in every major city of the North-Western Federal Region. The company offers a broad range of telecommunications services, including local and zone-based voice calls, data services, Web access, and leased lines. NWT provides operators with access to international or long-distance communications, provided they have the applicable licenses.

The Company's licensed territory spans across the entire North-Western Federal Region with the area of 1.7 mln sq. km and the population of 13.5 mln people. NWT allocates over 5.2 mln telephone numbers, 68% of which use digital access. The capacity of the broadband hardware exceeds 1.3 mln. broadband ports.


Ulitsa Gorohhovaya 14/25, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russia
phone: +7-812-595-4564

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