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February 13, 2019

MSK-IX expands NTP server group

A new MSK-IX NTP server group hub was launched in Yekaterinburg.
MSK-IX expands NTP server group
MSK-IX expands NTP server group

Prior to Yekaterinburg, NTP servers were established in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk. This new addition increases the general stability of the system and speeds it up for MSK-IX users in the Urals.

The MSK-IX NTP server group is available for all internet users and is located at NTP.MSK-IX.RU. The NTP is a generally recognized networking protocol for clock synchronization for servers, networking equipment, computers, and smartphones. The use of anycast technology provides for high stability and quick response all over the country. GLONASS (priority) and GPS clocks are used as reference clocks.

MSK-IX servers are also included in the POOL.NTP.ORG international NTP server pool widely used in the setting of operation systems.

Details on how to use MSK-IX NTP servers are available at:

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