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May 23, 2016

Infrastructure is the Internet’s foundation

The key role of information security in ensuring a country’s IT sovereignty was the main topic discussed at the IT+Sovereignty forum, held on May 23 by the Institute of Internet Development (IID), Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), the Regional Public Center of Internet Technology, the Foundation for Information Democracy and the Coordination Center for TLD .RU.

Participants in the forum discussed specific steps for developing the Russian software and IT industry, as well as issues related to import substitution and the fight against cyber threats being waged by Russian IT companies.

The roundtable “The Role of Information Security in Ensuring State Sovereignty” brought together experts representing key players on the Russian information security market, as well as infrastructure companies, public and international organizations, and state bodies. Russian Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Sokolov emphasized that the Internet is one of the main drivers of economic growth and that the security of Russia’s Internet infrastructure is among the government’s top priorities.

MSK-IX Director Yelena Voronina noted the importance of ensuring the stable and reliable operation of Internet infrastructure. She said that in Russia there is a large number of autonomous networks which do not have a unified system of administrative governance, but unified organizational and technical principles.

“Infrastructure is the foundation of the Internet, and we need to handle it with care and respect, so that it doesn’t break,” Voronina said. “It is necessary to create a platform where all participants can contribute to the development of relevant documents. First we need to develop documents related to the infrastructure and then conduct technical expertise. There are not too many experts in this area, and we need to get them involved and take their views into account.”

Participants in the round table agreed unanimously that cooperation is the key to ensuring cyber security and the stable functioning of the Russian Internet.

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