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February 20, 2016

MSK-IX secures connectivity between Moscow and St. Petersburg

On February 19, St. Petersburg hosted the 3rd Telecom of Two Capitals business forum, a major event for the operator market in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The forum was attended by over 200 delegates from telecommunications companies operating in both cities, vendors, integrators of telecom solutions, representatives of regulatory agencies and established experts.

The participants focused on how to consolidate the communications market and transform IT to optimize and promote telecom business. Mergers and takeovers in the ICT market were also considered. Discussions centered on strategies and openings for communications providers’ development in the current environment, the emergence new communications niches to be filled by small operators, and the specifics of providing communications services at commercial real estate facilities.

This forum is of much importance for MSK-IX that has been helping shareholders deal successfully with Moscow-St. Petersburg connectivity issues for two years. The company offers a special service, MIX, which connects to Moscow and St. Petersburg traffic exchange points on one port. “MSK-IX connects over 500 operator networks, content providers and cloud services all over Russia, but connectivity with St. Petersburg was always very important for us. Today we can offer reasonably priced and reliable service to our clients needing a steady and reliable channel of communication between the two capitals,” said Sergei Kiselev, MSK-IX development project manager, who attended the business forum.

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