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March 3, 2016

MSK-IX keeping pace with European Internet traffic market

The Extreme Networks forum was held in Moscow on March 3. This annual conference is devoted to the most advanced IT solutions. Reporters at the forum include representatives of the world's leading telecommunications equipment producers and established experts of the telecoms market.

Speaking at the forum was Technical Director of MSK-IX Alexander Ilyin, whose report focused on the development of the MSK-IX infrastructure. He elaborated on the transition to the "dual core topology", an increased number of 100 Gbps Internet connections, and on introducing peer quality control systems. The audience took particular interest in the details of the MLAG technology involved in the "dual core topology".

Alexander Ilyin also said the company worked on testing applied solutions and choosing vendors: "MSK-IX is a member of the European Internet Exchange Association. Together with our European colleagues, we regularly discuss the choice of equipment for Internet exchange points and share knowledge. So I can confidently say that we use the most up-to-date technologies and are keeping pace with the European Internet traffic market".

He also presented the MSK-IX partnership program and commented on how MSK-IX worked with partners in the regions. MSK-IX has nine representative offices in Russia, with the company's partners in different parts of the country having a direct connection to them. In 2015, when MSK-IX celebrated its 20th birthday, the regional partnership program entered a new level that allowed it to establish contacts with new companies.

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