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November 1, 2016

More HD TV channels available in St. Petersburg starting November 1

On October 28, MSK-IX held the MSK-IX TV EVENT SPB roadshow for cable operators, to present a new TV VLAN service, which enables cable operators to receive TV signals from broadcasters without intermediaries. The event was attended by over 60 representatives of communications providers, television companies and content distributors.
More HD TV channels available in St. Petersburg starting November 1
More HD TV channels available in St. Petersburg starting November 1

MSK-IX Regional Development Manager Konstantin Stepanov opened the seminar with an address on the operation of MSK-IX in St. Petersburg. After that, Media Logistics project director Grigory Kuzin presented the TV VLAN service.

TV VLAN offers cable operators access to television signals of 75 channels in the MPEG-TS format. The signals are delivered directly from TV companies via Rostelecom and MSK-IX landline networks. Seeking to meet the growing expectations of professional TV market participants, MSK-IX has created a service platform for expanded monitoring and quality control of the TV signals. TV VLAN is available in Moscow, the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg. MSK-IX plans to extend the geography of this service to other cities where it has a presence.

The event participants discussed new possibilities at the Ideal Television panel. “We decided not to hold an ordinary presentation, but to stage an experiment, which involved a discussion on optimizing television services by cable operators and rights holders. The experiment engendered many new ideas in the professional community,” Grigory Kuzin said.

Experts spoke on ways to provide quality TV services to the public and also to simplify the work of cable operators. Participants in the panel discussion spoke about testing the new service before its commercialization, additional service level agreements (SLA), and the prices of content and TV services. At the end of the meeting, MSK-IX made a special offer for event participants to connect to TV VLAN.

Following that, the participants were shown an overview of the TV channels available via TV VLAN in the HD movie format. Representatives of TV networks and distributors such as Red Media, Viasat, Life78, Discovery and 1HDTV made video presentations of their networks and offered a preview of this season’s new shows.

“The roadshow in St. Petersburg provided a view of the planned development of the TV VLAN service. Regional operators have shown considerable interest in this project, and have submitted requests to connect to the new service. We are especially grateful to the event participants who provided some critiques, which will help us better understand our clients’ needs. Taking into account the opinion of market players, we plan to accelerate the provision of the TV VLAN service in other cities,”

Grigory Kuzin said after the event.
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