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October 19, 2021

Medialogistika registers trademark

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property – Rospatent – informed MSK-IX that it has officially registered a trademark for the Medialogistika platform. This will help reinforce the brand on the market and, in general, create more value for the company.
Medialogistika registers trademark
Medialogistika registers trademark

MSK-IX applied for Medialogistika’s trademark registration back in early 2021. In October, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, commonly referred to by its Russian name Rospatent, officially registered the trademark, adding another brand to MSK-IX’s service portfolio.

Created more than five years ago, Medialogistika evolved into an independent brand with a clear market identity. All it needed was for its brand to be registered. Having completed this formality, the company will seek to further increase the brand’s value and market visibility.

“In early 2021, we decided to apply for the Medialogistika trademark in order to secure it, and Rospatent has now completed its registration process and ruled that the trademark complies with Russian trademark law. I am delighted to announce that we have created a brand that will not only provide more visibility for our products on the market but will also generate more value for MSK-IX,” Medialogistika Director Grigory Kuzin said.

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