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November 8, 2021

MSK-IX peak traffic exceeds 5 Tbps

The MSK-IX network set a new record for peak traffic at 5.06 Tbps on November 7, 2021. This heavy load did not affect the stability of the network or the quality of services provided.
MSK-IX peak traffic exceeds 5 Tbps
MSK-IX peak traffic exceeds 5 Tbps

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive shift to remote work, internet traffic has been constantly increasing. Once Russia began its lockdown in the spring of 2020, the MSK-IX network traffic grew 25 percent over two weeks and set a record of 3.7 Tbps. But soon after, in December 2020, that number reached 4.6 Tbps. Considering this trend, it was only a matter of time before the traffic would exceed the 5 Tbps threshold.

It is important to note that MSK-IX is completely ready for this load because it was designed to have a maximum redundancy.

“For MSK-IX, this growth in traffic is not a problem, because the total capacity of the Internet eXchange infrastructure is several times higher than the traffic that we have on the network. Therefore, an increase in traffic at the MSK-IX exchange point can be completely painless and will not affect the quality of the services provided by the company in any way,” said Yevgeny Morozov, MSK-IX Chief Commercial Officer.

This year MSK-IX marks its 26th anniversary. While evolving throughout its history, MSK-IX has been actively developing both traditional peering services and related services based on its own distributed network. Thanks to constant progress and an innovative approach, the company has transformed into a multiservice platform, which consists of four main products: traffic exchange points (IX), the Medialogistika project, Instanet and DNS. It also provides data center services and Data Escrow.

Today MSK-IX is present across all of Russia. The company has 43 hubs located in all federal districts as well as an access point in Riga. Over 800 organizations use MSK-IX’s services. In addition to operators and content generators, MSK-IX products are used by private and public companies, as well as financial and educational institutions from 100 cities and 20 countries to develop, interact and scale networks, and build their own services.

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