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May 17, 2021

Medialogistika platform reaches 1,500 TV signals

On May 17, 2021, the Medialogistika terrestrial broadcasting platform celebrated an anniversary, with the 1,500th television signal generated on the platform.
Medialogistika platform reaches 1,500 TV signals
Medialogistika platform reaches 1,500 TV signals

The anniversary TV signal was the Okhotnik I Rybolov (Hunter and Fisherman) television channel produced by the Pervy TVCh company and adapted for the Republic of Belarus.

On July 8, 2021, amendments to the Law on Advertising will come into force in Belarus, which will introduce a ban on placing foreign advertising in the products of foreign television programs broadcasted in the state. To comply, Medialogistika has developed special versions of TV channels for Belarusian operators, including Hunter and Fisherman, which are fully complicit with the new legislation.

“In order for Belarusian operators to have time to tune in to the new signals, we formed and provided key operators with a package of TV channels, blocked the advertising to be banned starting July 8 and replaced it with other content allowed in the country. In this regard, the number of signals on the platform has increased by several dozen more. And I am glad that the anniversary channel, its 150th, was the TV channel of our long-time partner, the TV company Pervy TVCh,” director of the Medialogistika project Grigory Kuzin said.

Hunter and Fisherman TV channel is devoted to men’s traditional hobbies such traveling and adventures with a fishing rod and a hunting shotgun, and is broadcast in the HD format. Viewers will be able to learn secrets from the best hunting experts and fishermen, regularly follow industry news, and discover unexplored locations of Russia.

“We have been cooperating with Medialogistika for several years and consider our partnership to be successful and mutually beneficial. At present, platform clients have access to about 40 TV signals distributed by the Pervy TVCh TV company. The services provided by Medialogistika are always distinguished by high quality and reliability, and the management and employees are customer-oriented and prompt in resolving emerging issues,” Pervy TVCh Commercial Director Maxim Afanasyev said.

On MSK-IX’s Medialogistika platform, some TV channels have about 10 different versions for different territories and the distribution of media. Federal, regional and foreign operators, as well as OTT services, receive a TV channel version that suits them completely. In total, 1,500 signals from more than 500 TV channels are currently distributed through the platform.

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