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July 3, 2023

MSK-IX's NTP service runs like clockwork

MSK-IX uses GLONASS as a reference source of accurate time to synchronize the NTP server. This helps to ensure full availability and uninterrupted operation of the service.
MSK-IX's NTP service runs like clockwork

The MSK-IX NTP server is a public time server supported by MSK-IX, which is designed to synchronize computers and network equipment with a reference internal time source using the NTP protocol.

It is based at MSK-IX nodes located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, which contain a set of servers to improve reliability, performance and security. The use of anycast network technology ensures the system’s fast response throughout the country.

In 2022, MSK-IX upgraded the NTP server, as a result of which the Russian GLONASS signal was assigned as the reference source for the distributed data synchronization system. The company also carried out work to modernize and improve the performance of the service itself to enable it to work under a higher load and to increase the level of fault tolerance. The tests carried out showed that the transfer of the NTP server to GLONASS was successful, and the service works stably and efficiently.

The MSK-IX NTP server is a Stratum One Time Server in the hierarchical system of time references. MSK-IX servers are also included in the international pool of NTP servers POOL.NTP.ORG, which is widely used in operating system settings.

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