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June 6, 2024

MSK-IX opens white nights season with friends

On May 30, St. Petersburg hosted a landmark telecommunications industry event, Evening Cocktail with MSK-IX. The reunion, organized by MSK-IX, brought together more than 200 senior executives of local telecom operators, media companies, content providers, data centers and other IT and telecom businesses.
MSK-IX opens white nights season with friends
Evening Cocktail with MSK-IX

MSK-IX annually marks the arrival of summer in Russia’s Northern Capital with its partners, clients and market colleagues, who have long come to view this unique networking event not just as an informal meeting, but also as a major celebration. This year, the cocktail party took place in the K-5 Government Residence, which hosts top officials of foreign countries visiting St. Petersburg.

Evening Cocktail with MSK-IX brought together more than 200 guests, who could benefit from invaluable opportunities for friendly conversation and productive networking. The relaxed atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for making new business connections and strengthening existing ones.

“This is more than just a meeting with market colleagues. It is an opportunity to spend time with our valued partners, clients and friends and recognize our common contribution to promoting Russia’s telecom industry and helping it grow. Over the years, MSK-IX has come a long way, evolving from an internet exchange point into a multiplatform service ecosystem, and our fruitful cooperation is what made that transition happen. I am sure that together, we will be able to meet all the modern challenges and reach even higher heights,” MSK-IX Director General Yevgeny Morozov said as he was welcoming the guests.

During the event, Advisor to MSK-IX Director General Yelena Voronina presented a new edition of The Internet from the Inside Out: The Ecosystem of the Global Network, a book by Andrei Robachevsky, which explains the internet’s history and architecture and how it works. A prominent expert in internet technology, Robachevsky focused on the key components of the internet’s operation: global addressing, IP protocol, domain name system and global inter-domain routing.

Later on, the participants were in for a surprise: they were invited to take part in Telecom Kitchen, a popular YouTube show, which was filmed right there at the venue. Alexei Kostin, the founder and host of Telecom Kitchen, and his guest, co-founder of Baikal Telecom and BAIKAL-IX Yaroslav Zverkov, cooked a unique salmon dish they invented. The guests had a chance not only to see the backstage of the show, but also to taste the freshly prepared culinary masterpiece.

Evening Cocktail with MSK-IX became a real celebration for all participants. This event once again demonstrated the cohesion of the telecom industry and proved that business interests can well be combined with a pleasant pastime.

“I am very pleased that our St. Petersburg meetings are a success year after year, bringing together representatives of the leading telecom industry companies. We always receive a lot of positive feedback from our guests, which motivates MSK-IX to continue working hard to strengthen and expand this market, not only providing its participants with the best network connectivity, but also supporting friendly human contact,” Alexei Kostin, MSK-IX Product and Marketing Director, said.

The partners of Evening Cocktail with MSK-IX included Modul , Effort Telecom , China Mobile International, RDP , Argus STC and XBIT .
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