March 17, 2020

UPDATE: The action ended on April 22. Report.

Dear friends!

There is no need to explain to professionals the role of the Internet in preventing coronavirus today. In a matter of days, we have found ourselves in a new reality, reconsidering how we work, learn, entertain ourselves and communicate with each other.

MSK-IX has seen a sharp traffic increase of Euro-IX members in countries affected by COVID-19, and increasing load on its Internet eXchange platform in Russia (3.7Tb as of March 17). Realizing our role as the largest provider of peering infrastructure and services for reliable connectivity in the core of the Runet, we offer Internet companies and telecom operators to take advantage of free expansion of MSK-IX ports.

For new members and for networks already connected to MSK-IX, we offer one 10G, 40G or 100G port on any peering VLAN in a free-of-charge test mode for a period of 3 months from the moment of connection. Since all networks are different and packages don't know how to wait, we are also ready to discuss your special requirements.

Together, let's do the right thing for the Internet connectivity in general and for each user.

Yours for 25 years,
The MSK-IX Team