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What is it?

TV VLAN is a simple way to access signals of all relevant TV channels at once in the formats required by the customer. You can connect to the service at MSK-IX traffic exchange points (link to the map) and partner hubs in the Russian Federation.

Who is it for?

TV VLAN gives audiovisual services, cable, and satellite TV operators the ability to solve the problem of creating their own package of TV channels.

What is required to connect?

Choose the TV channels you want from the catalog (link to the catalog of TV channels). Then, the TV VLAN manager will contact you to agree on the point and connection interface.

Go to the catalog of TV channels

The "physical" connection takes an average of two weeks. Then, the request for new TV channels is quick, as little as 2 minutes with the consent of the copyright holder.

If you are already an MSK-IX customer, you can use your existing connection for TV VLAN.

How does it work?

Medialogistika has collected over 2,000 signals from hardware broadcasters and backup terrestrial sources to form a large TV channel catalog. All channels can be accessed through MSK-IX hubs at a single cost regardless of the connection point.

The standard signal format is UDP multicast mpeg4. At the same time, signals can be customized and prepared in any other format on the Medialogistika platform at the request of the customer.

Access to TV channels is provided with consent from the copyright holder.

For reservation or in case of difficulty in connecting to traffic exchange points, it is possible to organize access to the service via the internet.

A huge catalog of television channels
Signal availability up to 99.99 percent
The ability to connect from remote regions
Service management through the client’s account

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Head of Medialogistika
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Grigory Kuzin